Thor Rafnsson



My name is Thor Rafnsson, born in Reykjavik.

I live and work in Denmark. Above all else visual arts have always been a great interest of mine.

I received my education at

The Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts. Iceland is my inspiration, my home land has given me an absorbed personal development.

The colors are most often light and I endeavor after concord and balance. Through the pictures I also want to try express mankind's internal spiritual room, where the creation of the images occur.

Latest Work

In my  works, the faces are presented as symbols of inner and outer beauty, they possess character traits that should be learned from, and at the same time they retain the mysterious veil.



From the exhibition in Milano during 22.11.2019 - 6.12.2019

The artist Thor, through his artistic work, deals with to important topics in the history of art: on one side the portrait, on the other the pop technique. If pop culture wanted to be within everyone's reach and the ambition of the artist of that era was to express everyday reality through clear and immediate works, Thor's  creation comes into conflict with this vision. The Icelandic artist, in fact, creates enigmatic portraits; the faces he represents are impenetrable and mysterious. Thor's work can be included in the pop context for the style and the details that he inserts, therefore the collage, the intense and lively color, the synthesis of the forms.

However, the figures represented are strongly spiritual, they look like women and goddesses, are ethereal, possess awareness and appear almost as carrier of truth. maintaining a veil of mystery.

We could define Thor's artistic work as a sort of “spiritual” pop art, since his works tend to be a research and a mystical experience. The viewer finds works of great impact in front of him: at first sight, he is struck by the immediacy and freshness of the images, immediately after he is pervaded by a feeling of admiration and wonder.

The spiritual nature is reinforced by the strong presence of blue tints, a noble and silent color that is a metaphor for spirituality and transcendence.

Vanessa Viti

Doctor in Fine Arts and Postgraduate in Art curatorial.

Works with M.A.D.S. MILANO, a gallery

Exhibitions in 2021


1 maj - 31 maj Kunstforeningen Øst på Teknologisk i Taastrup

Exhibitions in 2020


27. - 29. marts 2020 Lokomotivværkstedet i København.


24. – 26. APRIL 2020 PÅ GODSBANEN