Thor Rafnsson



My name is Thor Rafnsson, born in Reykjavik.

I live and work in Denmark. Above all else visual arts have always been a great interest of mine.

I received my education at

The Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts. Iceland is my inspiration, my home land has given me an absorbed personal development.

The colors are most often light and I endeavor after concord and balance. Through the pictures I also want to try express mankind's internal spiritual room, where the creation of the images occur.

Latest Work

In my  works, the faces are presented as symbols of inner and outer beauty, they possess character traits that should be learned from, and at the same time they retain the mysterious veil.


Thor Rafnsson Art Review

Thor Rafnsson is a natural storyteller who focuses on the human form and the human psyche.

He immediately pulls us into his narratives and an intriguing dialogue ensues between us and his subjects.

He raises our curiosity about their thoughts and feelings, their place in time, and consequently opens the doorway to our interpretations about them and ourselves.

Thor’s approach is direct, confident, and focused. Whether he depicts a single figure, a loving couple, or a group of people, he conveys the universal human spirit with eloquence and deft handling of artistic elements.

In many of his paintings we see the figures and the space they occupy composed with a dancelike rhythm. Their facial details may be eliminated which emphasizes anonymity and universality.

Transparent tactile layers of oil painting neutral colors enhance the mystery from which the figures emerge --as if from a dreamlike ethereal vapor. Simplified silhouetted forms, outlined in black, emphasize their contours. His compositions reveal his superb sense of design and his ability to portray his subjects beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Thor also creates animated paintings in which his characters capture us with bold expressions. Their faces often fill the canvas with a powerful presence. His use of a contrasting bright accent color enhances the emotive energy that emanates from his subjects.

~ Renee Phillips, Director/Curator, Manhattan Arts International, NYC, NY

Exhibitions in 2021


1 maj - 31 maj Kunstforeningen Øst på Teknologisk i Taastrup

Exhibitions in 2020


27. - 29. marts 2020 Lokomotivværkstedet i København.


24. – 26. APRIL 2020 PÅ GODSBANEN